Thrive Umpqua Volunteers


Together we can make the Umpqua Valley an even better place to live, work, learn, serve, play and pray!

Your participation in events and volunteerism has a huge impact on the Thrive Umpqua community and the surrounding areas. Your dedication is helping build a community where we can all thrive!

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Community Well-Being Challenge

Well-Being Challenge

Free well-being events and activities across the community all under one umbrella. Monthly challenges, and prizes are making the healthy choice the easy choice!

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Umpqua Valley BIPOC Community


The first ever BIPOC-centered group has come together in the Umpqua Valley. The group provides a space to build community, connect with culture, organize around shared issues, and celebrate diversity together. The first meetup took place in March of 2022 at the Thrive Umpqua office, bringing 30 BIPOC (adults, families, and children) together. Forty people were in attendance at the second meeting. Subsequent gatherings have attracted more BIPOC community members bringing the private Facebook group to 200 people.

The Umpqua Valley BIPOC Community was founded after gaps in social cohesion for BIPOC individuals in Douglas County were identified. In an effort to combat the cultural isolation that can be felt by Black, Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color in the Umpqua Valley, BIPOC leaders have come together to create a space and venue conducive to building connections, sharing experiences, planning projects, celebrating culture, and exploring the natural beauty of this area with the safety and comfort of the comradery of the group. The group is addressing a need for BIPOC individuals to feel comfortable being our whole selves in this community, celebrate our cultures, and feel at home here, for the long-term; meanwhile supporting BIPOC retention in our workforce.